Track and Field

Team Global Track Camp

The emphasis of this camp is to teach the fundamentals in a quality small group.  We will focus on basic warm up skills, proper techniques, running drills and exposure to high level comprehensive training instructions.  Our camp is staffed by former athletes and Olympians, who will be available to share their knowledge with the campers. Amongst the staff members are current high school coaches around the US.  Each day we will feature a former Olympian and elite coach.  Our coaches aspire to build character, self-esteem, and confidence through perseverance, teamwork, and goal setting.  The coaches and former Olympians will prepare the campers for work-outs, competitions, and how to personally plan their track goals.  Our goal is to make sure each attendee leaves with added knowledge in his/her ability to accomplish the fundamentals necessary to improve their performance.

Camp Updates

Team global will be adding a basketball camp this year in 2009.  We will be adding three new basketball coaches as well.

If you have further questions about the updates please contact the Camp Director,Wilson Ogbeide at (503) 209-4642 or

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Description: This is an association of former and present athletes, who are dedicated to provide youth with the proper environment that can support the achievement of their goals and give them an opportunity to strengthen their abilities in sports.